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Let Your Skin Glow With Korean Skin Care

When it comes to beauty and skin-care, Korean standards are considered to be the benchmark for it. Koreans have always astounded the world with age defying skin beauty. This has made the world curious about the exclusive RNW skincare in UK.

So, here are the essential steps to the much adored K-beauty routine:

Taking off eye makeup

The process starts with removing the eye makeup with a gentle makeup remover. Avoiding the use of a cleanser for the removal of mascara is not advisable.

Going on with Double Cleansing

This helps in removing impurities that are mostly oil based like SPF, makeup, and Sebum. It can be done using a balm cleanser or oil, followed by water based cleanser.

Exfoliator and Toner

Using an exfoliator depends upon the skin and is advised not to be done regularly. Exfoliation helps in the removal of black heads and pores that are clogged. Then comes the toner, which is used for creating a smooth, clean, and absorbable base on the skin and remove cleanser application traces.

Essence, Serum, and Ampoule

The essence is the most important tool for the classic “glass skin” look that Koreans carry with them. It has skin toning properties that hydrate the skin and prepares it for further moisturization. Serums and ampoules are what is required for applications on the skin on various spots that require to be looked after.

Sheet Mask, Eye Cream, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen

The most relaxing step in the K-beauty routine is the Sheet Mask application. They are available in various compositions for various needs. Eye-creams are required to care for healing the delicate skin around the eyes and moisturizers and sunscreen finally secure your skin from the germs, foreign particles, and UV radiation that harm your skin constantly.