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Understanding Hair Loss

Several factors may influence hair loss. Hormones, genes, stress, illness and even childbirth can cause temporary hair loss. Drugs used in cancer treatments, blood pressure medicines and birth control pills. Even shampooing too often, hair treatments like perming and bleaching can make the hair weak and brittle. Hair loss can be due to thyroid disease, diabetes, iron deficiency and anaemia. Most times when the underlying condition is treated the hair fall will stop. Diet plays an important part. A diet too low in protein and unbalanced calories will result in hair loss.

There are many remedies that promise to restore hair but little can be done to reverse the process. Some people may benefit from certain hair loss treatments. Medications like rogaine and propecia have shown some results. Hair transplantation, corticosteroids and laser treatment are a few more that people turn to. Some natural treatments may also help stop hair loss to a certain extent.