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Society as we know it has altered the way one looks at the     self, from what we wear to the color of our skin. The average human's sense of self worth has been silenced by the lack of courage, triumph and self encouragement in the world. In 2012 Male Model/ Activist Shaun Ross developed the movement known as "In My Skin I Win". Shaun's mission is not to stop bullying entirely, but rather to shape the way we as individuals think about ourselves personally. If one feels confident when looking in the mirror, then the negative words of others don't sting as much. In My Skin I Win is a movement for anyone who has ever felt defeated by a negative social construct of what beauty actually should be. Beauty is you and what you make from your confidence in your own perfectly imperfect body. Together, if we encourage others to love what they see when they look at themselves, we can win in our skin.