Know About Spray Tanning

Tanning is one of the common issues that people face and there are various ways in which you can get rid of it; however, there are also people who love the idea of having tanned skin. Spray tanning has become a popular method that people in Sutton in Ashfield opt for, it is a method that is between tanning beds and self-tanning cosmetics. You just have to go to a spray-tanning booth where you will be sprayed with the use of a special mist.

The mist that is used in spray tanning has DHA, it is a chemical that reacts on the outer layer of the skin. In simple words, it works like any tanning lotion, but the unique part about sprays and booths is that they help in covering the entire body with DHA. There is no requirement of additional sessions of spray tanning; all you have to do is visit a spray tanning Sutton in Ashfield once.

For how long it lasts?

As the process of spray tanning happens on the outer layer of the skin, the effects of it can easily last for a week or so. The chances are that they will start to disappear in 4-5 days itself. It is an excellent method that can make you look the best.

Is it dangerous for your health?

Many people have concerns about the kind of side-effects that they could face because of this method. The only possibility of a health hazard is allergy from DHA; however, it will not cause any kind of threat to your life.